Picking a direction

In order to retain as much of my income as possible I’d like to avoid recurring costs as much as possible.

*brings in pew pew lasers!*

Laser do not require continued investment in ammo, once you have a crystal you can shoot forever. upfront cost of crystal is higher, but you still get to sell them back at the end of the day.

Next up corporation tax, I had hoped that I’d be able to setup my own dummy corp, but it appears that you cant 😦


so what I’ll do once I get in game is try to sort out an invite to a zero tax corp.

Something I hadn’t noticed before was the level 3+ missing agent limitation. I had planned to pave my way to a plex running level 3s. Looks like I’ll have to limit it to running level 2s really fast.

So the question next… which ship do I run them in? running a Cruiser will incur a day of training to get Cruiser 3, and probably similar for medium guns. Level 2’s are mostly Frigates, so I’m probably best running them in a Destroyer, but then the Omen has space for 4 light drones and 4 salvage drones… which will probably help with the isk farming…..

Ok Omen it is 🙂 Omen Navy issue is nice due to range buff, but thats a large chunk of change that should go towards the first Plex.

Perhaps if I’m running an Omen I can also try out some of the Complexes that spawn 😉


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