Day Two

My first port of call for day two was to complete the final set of Career mission, this time I’m lined up in a 6-8 gun destroyer (depending on the mission I need to fit utility highs) It was an absolute breeze. I now shift my setup to a trade hub, I want cheap prices on my modules, and good returns on loot. I find a nice little station housing 2 level 2 agents and a level 1. I’m all set, so I pick up two level 2 missions, merrily plink away at them then return to the station, and repeat, all is right with the world…

but then….. I hit the proverbial brick wall…..

The Blockade .. dun dun DUUUUN

Now I know this mission well, (eve-survival is your friend if you dont), but I’m used to doing this particular mission in an Assault Frigate with all the faction trimmings, doing it in an underskilled undertanked Destroyer was torture, add in the tracking disruption and I can only hit out to 6km, not good . After many warp outs I decide to upgrade to an Omen, 10 minutes later I’m ready to roll…. but still warping out every 30 seconds, tank and gank just cant cut it… I decide to get some drones on those scum, dammit 15 minute training to get light drones…. several warp outs later, yay drones!…. hmm they arent particular effective……. after much gnashing of teeth, a billion warp outs and a little help from local I’m free and clear…. my collective hull repair bills took a dent out of any earnings from that mission 😦 but its done, and I wont be going back in a hurry.

This just goes to show folks, dont bite off more than you can chew. I need to invest more in the ship and my skills before going up against this again. I think I’ll drop back to easy mode and run some level 1 in a destroyer till my skills train some more.

Liquid isk: 16,671,000

Estimated assets: 11,000,000

Approx Net Worth: 27.5 million

Todays Play time: 5 hours.

Accumulated Play time: 14 hours.


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