Reflections on Day Two

Perhaps I was a wee bit hasty in more ways than one, by completing all three sets of Amarrian Career missions I had sufficient standings to go directly into level 2. While I have the confidence for them I was over-confident and also misread my skills… Just because I set it training before bed does NOT mean that it will have completed before the next evening…
I entered with the Omen thinking I had Amarr Cruiser III, but it was actually at 1, medium laser were also at 2 not 3. My tank and fitting skill non-existent,

A Heavy Beam fit might also have been a bad idea….. I’m plagued with belief in ability associated with a high-level character.

The Destroyer however was a dream for the frigate filled Career missions, so popping back into Level1 missions I should encounter similar resistance (or lack there of). I was sufficiently blasé in that my lows consisted of 2 speed mods and a meta 3 small repper, my mid ans afterburner only…… how not to run missions as a new toon!

For the next runs in the destroyer I’ll slide in the full complement of guns, crystals, afterburner, cap recharger, rat specific hardeners , small repper and a partridge in a peartree. Running only Level 1 missions until my Cruiser skills mature.

On the topic of skills maturing, I’m starting to notice that time is running exceedingly short, 4 days for Cruiser IV, medium lasers IV is 3 days. I could have T2 small guns and Destroyer IV in that time…

On a recurring recommendation is to do Null Sec exploration, apparently its a 2-3 day train. I think day 3 will be a Destroyer day, day 4 a Cruiser day, from there I’ll make a decision for the weekend. Days 5 and 6 will be limited to updating the Training Schedule. Day 7 is Saturday so I’ll have extra time to make a dent in the plex fund, with a new set of skills trained.


5 responses to “Reflections on Day Two

  1. Enjoying the blog. As a person just return to Eve after a 6 year hiatus it makes for interesting reading. I’m noob, but not a noob, but still noob 🙂

  2. People are right that null sec exploration will yield much more, however I wouldn’t recommend going there as you can’t train cloaking/cov ops on trial account. Going into null without cloak with equipment for data/relic sites is imho suicide.

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