Day 3

Being social with corp mates certainly drops the isk per hour ratio, but I’m gaming not working :-).

Today was fairly slow going due to the nature of the missions I was running. Sure level 1 missions are very easy in a destroyer, but the income sucks. I felt the need to get more value for each mission run so I had been ramping up to salvage my own wrecks, I’ve bought and fitted a Dragoon for this purpose. I picked this one due to the speed bonus of the drones, I should be getting the salvager versions by tomorrow.

My Dragoon is fitted with 3 Salvager I and 3 Tractors, I need to find an Afterburner to put on there too.

My Coercer is just fitted with Meta 3 Small Beams, and its very tight on powergrid so I dont have space for anything else. perhaps I should resort to using Dual Beams instead, at least that way I can fit a tank and afterburner.

So half my accumulated assets are locked up in the above Destroyers, whereas the other half in an Omen. Tomorrow I’ll have to attempt some of the harder level 2’s if this proves fruitless I’ll liquidate the Omen.

The more and more I experience the standard missions the less and less likely I feel I can plex off them, the income just doesnt seem to be there. Perhaps now I have the salvager setup and more skills in the Omen they might turn a tidy profit, otherwise I’ll head off to null for the weekend and do exploration.


Liquid isk: 16,094,091

Estimated assets: 18,000,000

Approx Net Worth: 34 million

Todays Play time: 4 hours.

Accumulated Play time: 18 hours.


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