Day 4

Isn’t it frustrating that real life can have such a large effect on your virtual self!! Wasn’t in the best of moods thus my productivity was low, couple that with waiting for 90 minutes of an important skill to tick down. Yuck. So I logged off and let Drone IV and salvage drone I complete and made myself useful…. Losing 170mil on my main in stupid station games while wardec’ed. Note to self don’t pop in a bad mood.
I had planned to clear out a few missions and the salvage the remains, The destroyer STILL can’t handle level 2s very well. I persevered but this made completion times loooong. After an hour and a half, 5 missions down… Salvage and loot amounted to a couple of million. Isk per hour is poor but at least net worth heading in the right direction.
As discussed previously I keep getting recommended to try null/low sec exploration, so I spend the next hour or so gathering parts and fitting my ship. Cue the Magnate this truly is one of favourite hulls from a visual perspective, vaguely reminiscent of Boba Fetts ship(I’ll probably get a bounty on my head for such vile heresy). I pile on the Hacking and Relic modules, the scan strength rigs, and 2 stabs to aid getting away from warp scrams. For launcher I go with the freebie one, but for probes I stump up the extra for sisters probes. It’s 4 million for a 10% boost, so pushing the value to around 5.5 million, yeah I can replace that gulp.
I tried desperately to fit an afterburner, but my skills and funds just don’t allow it, so I roll my eyes and scrounge around for something useful. Inertia stabilisers for faster aligns, and 2 small containers to hold all the loot.

Undock let the scanning begin.

I’m running out of playtime before bed so decide to commit to wormhole space before getting shut eye. Scanning down in high sec is considerably easier than WH Space, soooo glad I went for Sisters Probes, if I survive the trip i’ll have to fit a module to aid with that. 2 wormholes in I decide to dash for bed, tomorrow I can briefly explore the trap I have entered.

Liquid isk: 12,386,268

Estimated assets: 27,000,000

Approx Net Worth: 39 million

Todays Play time: 3 hours.

Accumulated Play time: 21 hours.


2 responses to “Day 4

  1. Just be aware. You won’t be able to do data or relic sites in w-space. Sleepers will be at every data site and they will spawn when you start doing the relic site. Stick to null and low bro.

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