Day 5

Ok so wormhole space… hmmm.

So the whole idea to being in wormhole space is to get down to Null, as I expect to be in Null for a few days I’m not too worried about the wormhole collapsing or remembering the route back. So I merrily plug away scanning down wormholes and jumping through, occasionally googling the name of the wormhole to ensure I’m not heading back to High Sec. I finally land into Null, and rather luckily its pretty empty.

I begin scanning down Relic and Data sites, and the isk starts flowing in quite well. Doing the sites can be very frustrating on low skills but being determined I just kept plugging away at them. At this point I’m exceedingly glad that the cost estimate has been included in the game, some of the drops are really quite bulky, and particularly low value. I safely release these back into space and continue on my way.

There isnt really much to talk about here, the sites are straight forward to complete and the systems were very empty. In order to remain safe while scanning I would warp to a planet @ 100km then burn away from the planet.

I never had any trouble from any of the residents

Seeing as this is turning out to be considerably more profitable than combat missioning, I’ve decided to change the emphasis of my skill plan to Hacking and Relic sites, in 4 days I’ll have as much capability as my trial allows. Training those skills to 5 will just take too long (16 days).

Interestingly CCP have released info about some new exploration ships, but unfortunately they wont be available for another 6 weeks. check them out here

Liquid isk: 12,386,268

Estimated assets: 24,000,000

NullSpace Cargo Value:  75 million

Approx Net Worth(incl. cargo) : 35 million ( 110 million)

Todays Play time: 5 hours.

Accumulated Play time: 26 hours.


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