Day 9 Part i

After the horrendous events of the weekend, I should perhaps add a glimmer of hope to all those following my blog

Ok midnight has hit so technically its Day 9, double espresso and I’m good to go. This time I get rid of the Nano’s and just go with FOUR Web Stabilzers. I REALLY want to be able to escape this time, also a point to note, I have seen warpdisruption bubbles, but they have not been manned. So I’ve just breezed through, it did get a little hairy with the NPCs on gate, but the afterburner keeps the travel time low and provides some incoming damage mitigation.

So I troop out to Null and end up in ORE faction territory, there is a long deadend chain nearby with very few pilots in space or docked (you can view these statistics in the Star Map) each quiet system I go through, I stop and scan down any sites, Progress today seems very speedy there are lots of Data sites, which is a bit of a pain as I’m more specialised in Relic sites, oh well.

I seemed to get rather lucky cracking open some of the more difficult ones, but the considerable quantity of sites I’m scanning down is certainly helping. Something I’ve now started doing is checking peoples history up on the killmail website, this gives me an indication of how safe I can be.

Net cargo worth ≈ 160m

Hmm now I seem to be most at risk when going through WH space as there is no local to track… I think I’ll just stick around here and fill may cargo…. it seems a nice enough area.

I’d like to point out at this point I’m being ULTRA cautious, if I need a pee break, or a food break, its a full “log out safely” proceedure… I dont want to lose another ship…

My haul continues to grow, as I’m getting LOTS of sites, oddly enough mostly Data so I’m breaking alot of them, 1 system kept spawning them, did around 5 of them in short order (they actually respawned as I emptied them)

Oh Crap Haul value … 300mil I think its time to go home.

Luckily for me its 8am in the morning when I do this jump (yay 4 hours sleep) and all seems very quiet… a little too quiet…

I get a wormhole exit to lowsec… here we go again…. hmm 9 jumps to a Trade Hub… 4 jumps of lowsec, but I feel empowered i have FOUR warp stabilzers on my ship, RUN RABBIT RUN!!!! I burn to the nearest gate and immediately jump…. I fly to the next one and its a little slow to acknowledge the zone change.. I click furiously on the jump button, Jump dammit jump there are ships here and they dont look friendly LEMME IN!!! finally the gate gives up and lets me jump… phew only 2 more jumps to relative safety….

Its worth pointing out at this point…. I have a cargo worth 300m…. I’m in a paper thin flying coffin… if I’m locked and scanned by a suicide ganker they WILL execute me, and it will cost them a couple of mill…

Heart still racing a bit… I have half a plex worth in my hold…..1 jump to goooo…. FREEEEEEDDOOOOOM

Ok concentrate now, its high sec but its still not safe, I continue manually piloting to my destination (Auto-pilot WILL get you killed at some point) and then I arrive… but wait! I know have another form of PvP to contend with THE DAMN MARKETS!!!!!

Ok perhaps slightly overdramatic, but on reviewing Amarr prices and JITA prices… I’m better off going Jita for faster cash… and it IS worth it to make the trip, its like a good 15-20% increase on my haul.

This pretty much brings us to the end of Day 9 part i, this was the morning before work, so I suspect I may be able to get out a little this evening and earn the last couple of hundred mill I need.


Here endeth the lessons

Liquid isk: 375,000,000

Estimated assets: 20,000,000

Null Space Cargo Value:  empty, but safe

Approx Net Worth(incl. cargo) : 405 million (Jita Plex is 570million)

PvP Related losses : 320 million

Total value earned: 725 million (much more than a plex…. but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)

These Sessions Play time: 4+1 (5) hours.

Accumulated Play time: 51 hours.



4 responses to “Day 9 Part i

  1. Friendly reminder: stating publicly that you will haul 300mil from Amarr to Jita tomorow while having your API public is a REALLY bad idea. Use Redfrog its cheap and it outsources risk.
    And boy have you gotten yourself into some risk.
    Next time you should blog about something as this after the fact or at least not mention system names – though thats easy to guess.

    Good Luck in farming your PLEX, I guess you’ll make it if you stop painting big targets on your ship 😉

    • Every post is after the fact, yes I’m aware of the risks, but its a small price to pay for being able to have more reputable people follow my progress. The deal is already done, as it shows in the wallet history 😉

      And btw Trial accounts cant use Red Frog, no contracts 😦 otherwise I would have made another 20+ million off Blueprints Copies.

      If you check in the reddit link to this blog I’ve already had death threats to my character.

      • A my last trial that I didn’t activate imidiatly just rememberd the no industrials rule.
        If you want to stay with exporation you might want to train for a cloak – its a reasonably fast train and will make bathroombreaks a lot easier 😉

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