Day One:

Yay Character Creation,  I knew I wanted to be shooting lasers so went for Amarr.  So after settling on my vanity features I head into the game. Once I assume my clone I immediately set up to train Amarr Frigate III this allows me to get into the next ship hull within a minimum of 4 hours. I then hop into space and spam through the unavoidable tutorial *sigh* I literally spammed next till it ran out.
I then headed to the nearest Career Agent Hub, a mere 2 jumps away in Deepari I then settle in to complete all 5, it’s good easy money, but also gives lots faction standings. These missions I’ve done before, it’s slow going while I semi-afk them.

These Career missions are a great way for new players to build up funds, they are much easier and far more rewarding than the standard level 1 + 2 missions. Additionally if you are familiar with them there are some shortcuts and various ways to maximise the income generated, pick the right ship to insure for the Advanced Combat missions, and buy the products rather than build them if you can help it.

Something else very important to note is that you can go to another Career Agent hub and repeat them all over again.

9 hours later and much AFKing Day One is over, I’m now in a 0% corp I’m flying a Destroyer and I’m richer than when the day began 😉


Liquid Isk: 14,630,096

Estimated Assets: 6,500,000

Approx Net Worth: 21 million. ( approximately 600 million to go)

Time Spent 9 hours.


Full Disclosure API

OK I decided to start a little earlier, I wanted to get my bank roll up and running before Monday morning, so I would be able to get all the skill books and what not straight away.

Here is the Full API for anyone that wishes to track my progress.

Key ID: 2614142

Verification Code: 0FxplkknNwkfsL102PCa2c37CeqOfFDhhSG9OOGQyeMXxZax3GCWWnfd1cIaaR6N

Markus Plexius created at 17:15 local time, with 5,000 isk and a pod to his name.

Liquid Isk: 5,000 isk

Estimated Assets: 0 isk

(Estimated assets will be done using jEveAssets)

Picking a direction

In order to retain as much of my income as possible I’d like to avoid recurring costs as much as possible.

*brings in pew pew lasers!*

Laser do not require continued investment in ammo, once you have a crystal you can shoot forever. upfront cost of crystal is higher, but you still get to sell them back at the end of the day.

Next up corporation tax, I had hoped that I’d be able to setup my own dummy corp, but it appears that you cant 😦

so what I’ll do once I get in game is try to sort out an invite to a zero tax corp.

Something I hadn’t noticed before was the level 3+ missing agent limitation. I had planned to pave my way to a plex running level 3s. Looks like I’ll have to limit it to running level 2s really fast.

So the question next… which ship do I run them in? running a Cruiser will incur a day of training to get Cruiser 3, and probably similar for medium guns. Level 2’s are mostly Frigates, so I’m probably best running them in a Destroyer, but then the Omen has space for 4 light drones and 4 salvage drones… which will probably help with the isk farming…..

Ok Omen it is 🙂 Omen Navy issue is nice due to range buff, but thats a large chunk of change that should go towards the first Plex.

Perhaps if I’m running an Omen I can also try out some of the Complexes that spawn 😉

Prepared Beginnings

EVE Online is a pay to play MMO, with a twist!

Its perfectly possible to pay your subscription with in-game currency, its also possible to get a 21 day trial. I intend to prove that its possible to play eve without ever having handed over a penny! (yes yes I appreciate that someone had to hand over cold hard cash, but its doesn’t have to be me).

I’ll give birth to the character on Monday 23rd of September 2013, as this will give me a final weekend with the highest possible Skill set. Over the next few days I’ll try to explain my prep work.

My plan will need to be skill and cost effective, as I will be constrained on both.