Day 10

Today’s sites were very very slow 😦 I was having difficulty scanning down a few sites, I found out that in order to scan down all sites you need almost 80 scan strength on your ship. mine was around 68, so a little way to go. NO amount of wiggling would get me to 100%.

Took me an hour to get out to Null, then my slow earnings were 40m for the first hour and 20m for the second, this was mostly due to lack of sites, and my inability to scan down the ones I found.

As I was floating down a tunnel of systems where each only linked to the next in the chain, I was ultra cautious around a faction frigate…. as I jump to the next gate the Frigate passes me in warp. the gate is empty as I arrive and the next system loads….. then all hell breaks loose. On the other side was the Faction Frigate and some friends, I see an Interdictor bubble surround me and 5 Frigate and Destroyer class ship attempt to lock me… I need options.

I can either burn out of the bubble and hope I’m not webbed and scrammed too much, or I can turn around and burn back to the gate… seeing as it was an Interdictor bubble and they can just fire another at me so I burned back to the gate full afterburner, my shields 60% depleted I jump systems “good choice Markus” but my celebrations were short lived 5 more ships decloak in front of me bubble me a pummel the crap out of me and my pod…. scratch Magnate number 5.

I’m still losing ships…. but getting better at avoiding certain patterns.

With the overall rate of earnings being low I decide to call it a night and charge in with renewed vigor tomorrow.

Liquid isk: 365,000,000

Estimated assets: 20,000,000

Null Space Cargo Value:  0 million 

Approx Net Worth(incl. cargo) : 395 million (Jita Plex is 570million)

PvP Related losses : 385 million

Total value earned: 870 million

This Sessions Play time: 3  hours.

Accumulated Play time: 59 hours.


5 responses to “Day 10

  1. So, you’ve inspired me to try out Relic and Data sites. I’m using your same method of travel. WH to get to Null and WH to get back to HighSec. I’m using a 27Mil SP character and a Covert Ops ship with all the trimmings.

    I haven’t had any issues with getting caught or anything, but I’m getting discouraged with the sites I’m finding. I’m finding lots of Angel Data sites, but they are all trash loot. Like, less than 5mil per site, and sometimes worse like 1mil. I’m not even having much trouble hacking them. I’m successfully hacking about 80-90% of the cans.

    Whats you secret to finding these profitable sites? I’m wondering if Angel territory is a bad place to look. Maybe I need to get out of this area?

    • You really to try to find some backwater area of Null I think, the deeper you go the better the loot.

      You will probably find the ones you are failing are the ones to yield the most cash 🙂 also check online to know which containers to collect, not all yield good returns.

      • I have found that the relic sites that I have visited contained some very good salvage type loot. ~60mil of intact armor plates, logic circuits, and power circuits at one in particular. The site was near -0.5 truesec.

        The data sites, on the other hand, were dropping data cores and other low-value, high-space items.

        I also prefer to grab part and equipment containers.

        By the way, what truesec did you find those augmented occult decryptors at? $.$

        return 0;

      • I’ve not kept track of what I got where, it was more a case of does it have value or not. I would pretty blindly just go through as many systems and sites as possible.
        I’ve tended to find Relic sites pay off better overall.

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