Day 11

I’ll admit that these losses are starting to get to me, perhaps the biggest issue is the wasted hours. At the weekend I lost 20 hours of profit. Ho hum risk vs reward yada yada.

So again I’m back in Null Sec being ultra cautious.. I’ll try to cover what I’m doing to be cautious.

Before I jump through a series of system I’ll use the Star Map Statistic functions to address; How many people are in the systems(average for last 30 minutes), how many player ships destroyed in the system within hour/24 hours, how many NPC have been destroyed, etc etc this is to try to form an idea of the risks involved in jumping into that system, am I going to hit a gate camp, am I exposing myself to PVPers.

When I’m in system and its not empty I will check the user name against a Killmail site online to see what ships they are using recently and what kind of threat they pose. Character age and habits can also be gleaned from this information.

Additionally I will be doing a 360 degree D-Scan at max distance, I’m looking for ship hulls and probes that arent mine, different ship hulls have different threat levels, so know what you are looking at (get used to knowing what the different ships are capable of).

When I enter a system I intend to scan down I will also jump to a random celestial and then burn away from it, so that if someone tries to follow me I’ll be several hundred km for where they warp in.

I took it very slow and easy, doing safe log offs if I expected a local contact to be aggressive, and skirting around the edge of regions rather than dive through the centre.

Income was steady but unexciting.

Liquid isk: 365,000,000

Estimated assets: 20,000,000

Null Space Cargo Value:  60 million (140 million left to go)

Approx Net Worth(incl. cargo) : 445 million (Jita Plex is 570million)

PvP Related losses : 385 million

Total value earned: 930 million

This Sessions Play time: 4  hours.

Accumulated Play time: 63 hours.


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