Day 13: The Final Sprint to the finish line

Proof that my character made it ;)

Proof that my character made it 😉

My name is Markus Plexius, and I have plex’ed in 21 days . (I’ve not used the plex yet, I’ll transfer it to my main and use it for another project on this website).


I took a day off from exploration to explore the real world a little, on my return to eve I was well rested and ready for the final push. Due to the very quiet nature of the area I was in it was mostly plain sailing.

I gradually increase my holding up to 180m at which point I know, if I can get this haul home I’m all set for the plex… so I decided to try something.

There have been many occasions where I’ve not been able to scan down a particular site no matter how hard I tried, so I decided to bring my cloaky mains Anathema over to try to scan down the site, to see what valuables might be contained within. So I scan down the site with ease, and warp the squad to the location, leaving my main cloaked…. but there is a problem….. we arent the only ones in system.

So while I have my main safely cloaked away in the Relic Site, I have my other toon burn to the first site, and rapidly start accessing the mini game…. the other ship in system is a Tech 2 scanning ship… he finds the site we are in…..he burns his way to Markus….. now the idea all along had been not to receive help from my other toons… so if this gets ugly I’m going to have to let party happen without intervention :(…..

The other pilot is in a T2 Covert Ops Frigate, if it has a Cloak and a probe launcher, then it will only have space for 1 weapon so I dont actually expect much to happen… I may spoken too soon. I’m locked… and scrammed… and he is flinging missles in my direction 80 dmg OUCH! my ability to tank is tiny, so I decide to bug out, luckily his scram isnt enough to over power my Stabilizers but for a moment I was afraid.. losing another 180m would not have been fun.

I then head back to High Sec via a wormhole, and unfortunately for this blog uneventful.

Once back in high sec I head to JITA to sell my wares, this time using the market to sell for the best price by setting up buy orders, I dont get the money instantly but I get much more than if I had gone for the instant win.

I come back the following morning to find myself 10 million short of the plex, so most of my sell orders had been fulfilled. I still have in the region of 20 million yet to sell, so I look into how much I can get an instant rates. Luckily for me I’m only losing around 40% of the value. So I sell up my holdings and get the plex.

So for all the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced over the last 13 days or so, I’m still in high spirits but a little underwhelmed by the surgical nature of its conclusion, but at least now I can say I’ve explored Null Sec with paper armor and lived enough times to have made a profit 😉

Liquid isk: 3,400,000

Estimated assets: 20,000,000

Approx Net Worth(incl. cargo) : 25 million

PvP Related losses : 445 million

Total value earned: 1090 million

This Sessions Play time: 4  hours.

Accumulated Play time: 67 hours.


4 responses to “Day 13: The Final Sprint to the finish line

  1. Good Job! I really appreciated your journey! You did it with null-sec exploration but do you think you could have done it in another way?

  2. Dude, you completely encouraged me to try Exploration! I love it. I usually buy PLEX for isk (I know, I cheat) but the danger of flying in null sec and hacking under the enemies nose is awesome! I use WH’s to get to null sec and it doesnt bother me if I make zero isk. Its just fun being sneaky. Thank you for introducing me to something in Eve I may never have tried!

    • If you don’t mind forking over cash for progress, on your main account setup another character and use Dual Training. This will protect your main character from SP or implant loss in the event of death. Once you get the ball rolling you should be able to plex this additional character, once you’ve specialised him into Exploration you can cease playing the plex for his training, and just leave him be. (this has the advantage of not having the trial account limitations, so you can get the cloak and covert ops) Three months should be enough to max out exploration for Relic and Data sites.

      Plex for isk isnt cheating, you are helping someone else pay their monthly game time

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