Long time no Plex! Doing it once is not enough, how about 12 times!

So I’ve shown that its feasible to plex an account within the first 21 days, but is it feasible to fund an account purely this way?

So my next challenge is to not only fund an account this way, but to fund it for at least 12 months or more specifically to have the account active for (12 x 30 + 21) consecutive days.



I cannot use my own external funds to purchase plex.

I cannot transfer assets or isk from my other accounts.

I cannot join any corporation of my other accounts.

I cannot generate funds in an Eve bannable way.

My new characters can’t know about my existing ones.


Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I can beg,  steal,  borrow, build,  sacrifice,  scam, sleaze, circumvent, seduce etc etc In other words do whatever I want that is legal within the framework of eve. So no bonus room antic’s, no theft of credit card numbers, but accepting generous donations* are perfectly fine.

I shall blog about my exploits and try to track time spent and isk earned + assets accumulated.

I’ll create the character later today and get a day one blog out after.



* such as ransoms in lowsec


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