12 Month Challenge: day 1

Please Say hello and welcome to the 12 Month Project, here he is Nemo Noir!NemoNoir

I will start in the same way as before, clearing out all the Career Agent Missions. So far this evening I’ve completed the Business and Exploration paths, and I’m half way through Industry and Military. I’ll do Advanced Military last.

These missions are fairly straight forward and you can stack them. One neat little trick with exploration is to collect all the required drop BEFORE needing to hand in the reward, this enables you to complete them much fast. I also just outright buy the resources that are required for some missions instead of mining or building them myself. You may still need to mine for 1 cycle at the mission site in order to complete it.

once I complete all these missions I’ll probably have around 10m in cash and a high quality Frigate to move to the next area with.

You can complete the Career Agent missions a total of 12 times. 3 times for each faction, and there are 4 factions.

Currently training Survey to 3, as this opens lots of other scanning related skills and then onto Frigate 3+4. I’ll be on holiday for 5 days next week without access to my computer, so I’ll probably train Frigate V while I’m gone.

My general aim is to earn funds in a similar fashion to last time, Null sec exploration. Its lucrative and far from boring. I’ll aim to have Covert Ops Cloak shortly after I earn the plex which will make my trips a little safer. I may have to fly an Astero, which while expensive its my quickest means to get a Covert Ops Cloak. Covert Ops ships are a considerably longer train.

Time Spent: 1.5 hours

Wallet: 1.9 million

Assets: 3.6m

(I’m using jEveAssets to track this.)


Long time no Plex! Doing it once is not enough, how about 12 times!

So I’ve shown that its feasible to plex an account within the first 21 days, but is it feasible to fund an account purely this way?

So my next challenge is to not only fund an account this way, but to fund it for at least 12 months or more specifically to have the account active for (12 x 30 + 21) consecutive days.



I cannot use my own external funds to purchase plex.

I cannot transfer assets or isk from my other accounts.

I cannot join any corporation of my other accounts.

I cannot generate funds in an Eve bannable way.

My new characters can’t know about my existing ones.


Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I can beg,  steal,  borrow, build,  sacrifice,  scam, sleaze, circumvent, seduce etc etc In other words do whatever I want that is legal within the framework of eve. So no bonus room antic’s, no theft of credit card numbers, but accepting generous donations* are perfectly fine.

I shall blog about my exploits and try to track time spent and isk earned + assets accumulated.

I’ll create the character later today and get a day one blog out after.



* such as ransoms in lowsec