The idea behind this blog is an EVE experiment, “Can you earn a 30 day pilots license in 21days?”. What I intend to explore is what kind of time investment is required. What are the limitation? What are the pitfalls? where can isk be earned, saved and reinvested. I’ve been playing eve for sometime, and I do have other active accounts, but they are on a 60 day training schedule and I wont have use for them until completed.


Full Disclosure of earnings and sources.

Donations will be transfer to another account, and not be used for the plex.

Absolutely no scamming.

This player doesn’t know anybody, so I cannot gain advantage of Capsuleers my other characters are aware of.

No assistance from my other characters.

Other than that I feel everything is fair game 😉


If other people wish to do a 21 day trial they can use the following link

If you manage to plex the account you will be giving my main account 30 more days gametime, I will thank you if you do, but not reward you in any way. If you wish to be rewarded there are other people that will give you in game money, you will have to find them yourselves. Google is your friend 😉 ( I just dont want the admin headache)


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